How to Get along with Sugar Daddy

Now they vary a lot but some don’t like to give anything up front. Its not like he looking to rip off the girl, getting free escort for a week or two (many do) but some maybe particular and demanding with high expectations in what they want. So some are using this service to get what would cost thousand more because they want the person to be like a worshiping wife and have her entertain/stimulate him emotionally, physically, socially for much more time perhaps 20+ hrs week. Also sugar daddy is very much a misnomer.. as the girl is more of the nurturing adult “daddy’ and the person paying is the taker, ‘the baby’. So he wants or expects or is getting so so much, its hard for this to even happen so he waits til he has it. He negotiates this much more complex desire up front (the girl who is hopefully doesn’t really digest the extensive nuanced ‘needs’) and then when its not delivered expresses his disappointment and the girl may get little to nothing.

 A man who is going to spend a lot of money on you wants you to be pleasant to be around and suitable to present to other people.

Keep yourself impeccably groomed at all times. Keep your hair nicely styled, your breath fresh, wear light makeup, and wear a pleasant signature scent (an appealing perfume you are fond of).Maintain a slender or athletic build. An attractive figure is just as important as a pretty face.

Speak proper English. Whether you are American-born or foreign, do your best to speak correct English without slang.

Don’t curse, be difficult to get along with, or talk too much. Talk and act like a lady, not like someone off the street. Have the ability to have a pleasant conversation and leave a good impression.

Have control over your presence. Don’t obsessively chew or snap your gum. Don’t roll your eyes. Don’t move your neck and your hands too much when you speak. Keep good posture. Have a feminine, but not exaggerated walk.

You could also strike up conversations with older gentlemen you meet every day. Perhaps men that you know are professors or businessmen. This can be a little tricky. You want to be able to establish the natural conclusion that you wish to be taken care of. That isn’t always easy to do, but with a little finesse and the right man, you could have the perfect match!

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