How to marry a rich sugar daddy

I never thought that one day I would become sugar baby, just like I never thought I could marry my sugar daddy.

When I first saw Dylan, my heart seemed to be hit. I thought a lot about that moment, including the possibility that he would see me and have the same emotions as me. I looked down at my dirty old canvas shoes and my three-year-old wrinkled shirt. I told myself not to be fearless. At that time, I was 18 years old, a poor student who was supported by a kind person, while Dylan was a scholar of the school. He’ll never see me. I’m just one of the hundreds of poor students in front of him. Dylan is a man I can never touch. He is handsome, gentleman, wise and wealthy. I can use all the good adjectives in the world. I’m the opposite of him. Like my name Ann, I’m so ordinary and unimportant. I wore the cheapest clothes and ate the cheapest food. I thought I could finish my studies on scholarships, find jobs and get a better life. But unexpectedly, I suddenly lost my financial aid. He gave me $100 and told me that he was unemployed and couldn’t help me. At that moment, I felt my life was dark and I was going to drop out of school.

Maybe there’s a way to be a sugar baby for a rich man! My only friend, Lucy, is as poor as I am, but now she lives a totally different life from me because she found a sugar daddy, and the rich man is Australian, so Lucy hardly needs to do anything for her SD, just shopping, leisure, fitness and so on every day. I want to continue reading, There’s no other way. I’ll go to Lucy and introduce an SD to me. Lucy told me that she saw a website on an INS blog about sugar daddy and registered it. The website screened out the man according to her needs, She contacted him and sent pictures to each other and agreed that when a man paid her $800 a week, she would become a sugar baby.

But this time she said I didn’t have to go to the website by myself. She could ask her daddy to introduce his friends to me. I agree. In fact, I don’t have time to do these screening anymore. My living expenses will soon be unable to support my normal life. Two days later, she gave me a phone number. ‘This man is 30 years old and has a wife, but they are not in a good mood. Honey, you’re so lucky. He’s rich. He’s richer than my daddy. ‘Lucy told me, ‘He didn’t ask too much for a sugar baby. First, he called. He wanted a girl who could understand him.’

I dare not call this man on my own initiative. Lucy said he would contact me when he was free at night. That night, I had been sleepless, thinking about what kind of sugar daddy I would meet and what kind of life I would live in the future. At 4 a.m., when my consciousness began to blur, the phone suddenly rang. I answered the phone nervously: “Hello?” I felt like my heart was beating out. About two seconds passed as if a year had passed for me.

To be continued…

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