How to marry a rich sugar daddy2

 His voice was low and magnetic. My name is DYLAN. What’s your name I never thought that I would meet a sugar dad I knew, and that I would still be such a man as I was deeply fascinated by him. My voice trembled a little: “My name is ANN. Hello, Mr. DYLAN.” DYLAN smiled, “Don’t call me sir. Just call me by my name. How old are you this year? “I listened to his gentle voice. I was 18 years old.” He froze for a while. “I am 12 years older than you. You are quite small. Why do you want to be sugar baby? I don’t despise you. In fact, I am afraid that you will despise me. I am a married old man and I am dating a young girl like you. ” ‘No, of course not. You are, you are a good person, I know it. “Oh? You say that like you know me. I understand you, life is never easy. I heard from my friend that you want to go to school but without money, I can pay all your expenses. Study hard and become an independent woman. You don’t have to worry about anything else. You can tell me everything. I ‘ll do everything I can to help you, ‘he said. I didn’t expect him to be so easy-going. I couldn’t say anything except Thank you. Then he said, “Don’t be afraid. I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do. I just, I just want a girl who can really listen to me. Will you?  “Of course I do. I’m also a lonely person, I can understand you. “I suddenly felt that the man on the phone might not be as powerful as I thought,” I ‘ll be with you. You can call me whenever you want to.”

After that day, Dylan calls me every two days and tells me a lot of his stories. I’m beginning to feel like he’s not my sugar dad, but a real friend. He grew up with a good family and excellent education. After graduating from a famous University, he inherited his family’s company and married his girlfriend who had been in college. Married life got worse and worse. His wife had a daughter and went to parties every day, shopping, hanging out with friends, and even stayed out all night. Every time he argued with his wife, she cried for his forgiveness and used the child as a shield. It turned out that the perfect man in my heart was also so unhappy in his life. I became more and more sympathetic to him and comforted him in all words. He was also very good to me. The weekly regular living expenses and small gifts, I think I fell in love with him. Not because he’s rich, but because I think he’s as lonely as I am, and we all need each other.

I thought the days would go on like this, Our relationship was just a phone call. I didn’t expect to hear from him one day: “Ann, I’m in your city.”

To be continued…

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